The Easiest Way to Buy Wedding Flowers - Bundles by Bloomerent

Frequently Asked Questions

Bundles by Bloomerent is a pre-packaged option for custom flowers. It offers transparent pricing upfront so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much everything costs. With Bundles, you work with experienced and top-rated professional floral designers in your area. We created bundles to make choosing flowers and getting pricing easier so all you have to do is pick your aesthetic and enjoy.

Select the bundle that best fits your needs and customize it by adding any additional flowers you’ll need that aren’t in your bundle (e.g., if you need more centerpieces or less bridesmaids bouquets). You’ll be matched with a florist to collaborate on your colors, style, and more, knowing that pricing has been decided upfront. You can make as many changes as you’d like with your florist and you can collaborate in person, over the phone, via email or however you prefer. Your florist will deliver and set up your flowers, like usual, on your wedding day. Bundles is the best way to get transparent pricing before purchase and customize your flowers stress-free. Did we mention you save money when you buy in bundles?

The most notable difference is the level of florist experience that you get within each tier and how much creative direction you want in the process. Up-and-coming florists with great reviews fall into the Essential bundle, while Classic florists have many years of experience and Luxe florists are high-end and typically can only accommodate high budgets and celebrity clientele.

It's no secret that flowers are expensive. By booking a bundle upfront, you’re guaranteeing better prices and transparency while still working with top-rated florists. Even better, you’re eligible to save an additional 10% when you allow us to list your centerpieces on our website to be reused, meaning you can save a lot of money on your flowers just for booking with Bloomerent.

You'll be matched with a florist in your bundle who’s available on your wedding date and in your location. We will send you information about your florist to connect immediately after confirmation. While most of our florists can accommodate any bundle, some can only work within budgets set by each bundle.

Yes! We know this is your big day and you’re trusting us and our florists to make it perfect. Because your happiness is incredibly important to us, the 50% deposit is refundable within 2 business days if you’re unhappy for any reason. We encourage you to let us know if something’s wrong at any point, even after the guaranteed refund term has passed.

You can customize any bundle to fit your needs; however, if you still find that there are no bundles that work for you and you want to connect with a florist, head to our website There, you can pick your florist and connect with them to get a custom quote for your wedding before booking. Please keep in mind that bundle prices don't apply there.

We'll connect you to a florist to confirm your bundle purchase and they will reach out to you to collaborate on design, color, style, type of flower and more.

If you're unhappy with your florist for any reason, let us know and we'll help you find a florist you love, for any reason we can't find someone you want to work with, we'll refund you.

Flowers that are considered in season are easier to source and the most cost-friendly option. Different flowers are in season at different times, which is why we ask you which month you’re getting married in so we can keep you informed. Flowers that are out of season are tougher to source and significantly more expensive to purchase (such as peonies and orchids, for example). Some out-of-season flowers have a very short in-season timeframe that even when they are available, they’re still too expensive to be considered in season. For this reason, we make every effort to tell you which flowers are in season and out of season so that you can decide which you’d like for your wedding and what they will cost. You can always make any changes with your florist if you change your mind!

In the event that we can’t find a florist due to availability on your date, we will let you know within 2-3 business days and reimburse you in full.

At the moment, we’ll match you with your florist. To see which florists we work with, check out the Our Florists page here or head to Bloomerent to view their profiles. We’re working on making this process as seamless and comfortable for you, the couple, as possible so check back often.

Yes. All of our bundles include labor and delivery to fairly compensate our florists for their time and labor. At checkout, you will see a breakdown of your bundle and costs. Unless you make any additions between checkout and your wedding day, this will be the final price.

If you change your mind within two business days after purchasing your bundle, let us know and we will refund you or find you a new florist - whichever you prefer. We encourage you to speak to your florist as soon as they reach out to begin collaborating so that you’re able to let us know if you’re unhappy right away.

When you check out, you pay an upfront 50% deposit of your order to guarantee your florist for the day of your event. Your florist will reach out to you to finalize any style decisions. If you make changes or want more than what your bundle offers, any adjustments will be added to your final payment (due one month before your wedding). If you work with your florist to stay within the means of your purchased bundle and add-ons, the price will not go up.

We worked with our florists to better understand how they calculated pricing for their customers. By doing so, we were able to land on the best price for flowers (e.g., low centerpieces with in-season flowers versus high centerpieces with in-season flowers), while offering special upgrades to couples who have more specific needs (e.g., high centerpieces with out-of-season flowers and garlands). Our goal was to make sure couples get transparent pricing upfront without having to compare multiple proposals from florists, making Bundles a win/win for couples and florists.

All of our florists are top-rated and highly regarded; however, some florists have been doing this for longer than others and pricing varies greatly per florist and location for multiple reasons. Our Essential florists are newer florists and open to lower minimums with more budget-friendly pricing, while a Classic florist has a higher minimum and spend for flowers as well as a larger portfolio of past clients. Luxe florists are our most exclusive, celebrity florists with high minimums and a portfolio to back it up. Our florists are hand-picked and bucketed into three bundle levels, from talented florists looking to expand their portfolio to high-end celebrity florists who’ve decorated your favorite award shows.

Because your ceremony flowers are so personal to you and there's no one size fits all option, we provide you with a credit towards your ceremony flower spend. When you speak to your florist, you can find out what's available within that credit or how much more you'd need to spend to get the ceremony flowers you want.